Please God ....NO! 

My prayers are with the President and our Congress. I am praying that we DO NOT enter into the Syrian civil war. Enough is enough! What can we possibly accomplish there? Please Mr. President, think this through very, very carefully.

2011...a tough year! 

Having lost the likes of Bill Morrissey, Jack Hardy and Terence Martin in the span of a year has been very hard on lovers of adult contemporary music. I did not know Bill that well but we did know each other. I have had the pleasure of opening up for him a few times over the years and running into him at a few festivals here and there. He wrote so many great tunes but "She's That Kind Of Mystery" was my tippety top favorite of his. I always thought that if I were ever to start drinking again, that I would…

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Last Night At McCombs Dam Park 

The place they are trying to sell us all as Yankee Stadium, is now, always has been and always will be, McCombs Dam Park. Yankee Stadium has been torn down. Babe Ruth never played at McCombs Dam Park, nor did the Mick or Yogi or Joltin Joe D The McCombs Dam Yankees got spanked 10-3 last night by the Texas Rangers in game 4 of the ALCS. Texas is up 3 games to 1 The story is in the empty stands. In the eight inning, with the score 7-3, McCombs Dam Park started to empty out. In the top of the ninth, it…

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