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Last Night At McCombs Dam Park

Posted on October 20, 2010 with 1 comment
The place they are trying to sell us all as Yankee Stadium, is now, always has been and always will be, McCombs Dam Park. Yankee Stadium has been torn down. Babe Ruth never played at McCombs Dam Park, nor did the Mick or Yogi or Joltin Joe D.

The McCombs Dam Yankees got spanked 10-3 last night by the Texas Rangers in game 4 of the ALCS. Texas is up 3 games to 1.

The story is in the empty stands. In the eight inning, with the score 7-3, McCombs Dam Park started to empty out. In the top of the ninth, it was populated only by a few thousand die hard fans in the cheap seats and the Texas faithful. All of the wealthy yuppies in the corporate, "thousands of dollars" seats were gone! They were on their way to their Mc Mansions in Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey. They are NOT really fans, They are yuppies who would not know a ballplayer or a ballgame if one bit them on their ass! They were there for the spectacle, not for their "team" or the game.

The real fan, the working guy who makes a coupla thou a month and has a few kids has been PRICED OUT OF THE BALLPARK! The Yankees are destroying the game by destroying the fan base. They are an infection that is sweeping across professional sports. If you want it to stop simply turn off your TV and stop patronizing these sports corporations who DO NOT EXIST FOR THE GAME...but rather, FOR THE PROFIT the game brings in. If it keeps up, hot dogs will be $20 bucks apiece before you can say "The Yankees Suck."

I am glad that I was kid when I was a kid. My dad, a truck driver, took me to 30 games a year! He taught me to love the game and to love my team. Those days are over. I am a trial lawyer. I can afford to go. I CHOOSE not to. I will not patronize this team in "The House That Greed Built."


January 24, 2011

Tis true .....sadly, its gone.As are the fans that roared back in the day and the greats who used stamina,grit and the dream of being the best you can be at something. Baseball !
Now its steriods, super agents and agazillion dollars made over a 5 year contract that makes some watch.
I went to one game in the new "arena" last year.As we entered, across the street you can still see what was the last remnant of that bygone era, the giant baseball bat that resided at the old Yankee stadium entrance.the rest was a huge hole that looked like it was a left-over from a third world war.The last tree of life from a forest of greats. It stood silent and alone in a pile of rubble.
And not unlike the game desribed towards the end of innings, it too was empty.
All had left except the teams playing and the arena staff, and me.And there was still a game being played !
And $8.50 a beer, $6.50 a hot dog and $150.00 for my seat, I cant see going again unless I win the lottery.Not to mention parking costs.
TV looks better all the time as at least a better view with cheaper beer and food if I`m gonna watch it at all.

May I recomend we all look towards our local high school baseball games as the last real vestige of how and who plays the game today. These kids today, anywhere in our great nation, still play the game with all their hearts and natural physical abilities. And its local.You will feel better cheering too !
Support your local high school baseball team. Attend a game. It will make you feel good again if you`ve lost faith with the pro`s like I have!
The game still lives right in our own back yards.