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The Bio below was written a while we must add that I WAS NOMINATED, and I RAN FOR, the WESTCHESTER COUNTY COURT! The election was NOVEMBER 5, 2013 and I am so very deeply grateful for all of the love and support I received from my fans and the musical community! I received over 63.000 votes when they only expected me to get half of that! It was a wonderful experience and I send my best wishes out to the Hon. David Everett, who won the election and will also make a fine judge.

Not bad for a folk singer!


Not your typical singer/songwriter, MONTGOMERY DELANEY comes to the Adult Contemporary genre with an extremely unique set of credentials. Born and raised in the South Bronx, he learned how to sing by listening to James Taylor, Leonard Cohen, John Denver, Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin, Jackson Browne and Carole King to name a few. He spent many youthful nights sitting on Mosholu Parkway with his best friend Brendan Perry (RIP 1989) singing to the if the Moon was listening.

After joining the United States Marine Corps at the age of eighteen, he soon found himself walking down the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, where he saw a guitar in a shop window. He bought it and took it back to his ship. After several weeks of making noise, another Marine named Frank Scott showed him a few chords. That was a long time and almost 400 songs ago.

Since then, he has raised three terrific adult children (his new son Conor was born 1/31/10 and his daughter Cecille was born on 06/14/11), served as a police officer in the 44th Precinct/South Bronx for about 8 years (where he was an active and decorated patrolman), taught and coached at Salesian High School,(where his teams won several baseball championships and a New York State Varsity Basketball Championship in 1997), founded the Southsound Coffeehouse in 1990 (where he presented such artists as Aztec Two Step, Martin Sexton,David Buskin, Brooks Williams, the late, great, Jack Hardy, Sloane Wainright, Cliff Eberhardt, Richard Shindell, Kristina Olsen, the late, great, Richard Meyer, Donna Martin and many others until 1997), shared the stage over the years with folks such as Martin Sexton, John Prine, Greg Brown, Sara Hickman, Jill Sobule, Loudon Wainright, Peter Yarrow, Richard Shindell, Jack Hardy, Bill Staines, the late great Bill Morrissey, Greg Greenway, Tom Chapin, Louise Taylor, the late great Terence Martin, David Massengill, Cheryl Wheeler, Iris Dement, Jill Sobule, Sarah Hickman, Patty Larkin, the late, great Dave Van Ronk and many others. He has made several recordings of his music including "23809" (1991), "Walking In The Light" (1997) and his most recent release "Changing Shoes" (2006) and his songs have been included in several different compiliations. Two of them ("I Was Not A Victim I Was A Volunteer" and "I Was A Loner Don't Answer The Phoner"), were selected for the Fast Folk Musical Magazine and are now part of the national archives at The Smithsonion Museum.

In the midst of his musical life, he went to Law School at night while he was a cop, became a practicing trial attorney in White Plains, New York and started a partnership, Laub Delaney, LLP in 2005. In 2012, having become recognized as a competent and effective trial attorney, He started his very own firm, MONTGOMERY J. DELANEY, P.C. ( (

Montgomery draws from all of these experiences to compose songs which are both melodically and lyrically captivating. His 1997 release "Walking In The Light" , produced by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two Step fame, has become widely regarded as a classic in the Adult Contemporary genre. His 2006 release, "Changing Shoes" has also received substantial radio play and critical acclaim. There is so much time between his projects because of the fullness of his professional life and the needs of his family. That being said, he is in the studio again and plans two new releases in 2013.

Those recordings have been put on hold as he runs to be elected to the Westchester County Court....the journey continues!

Please be careful. If you start to listen to Montgomery's music you will have a difficult time removing it from your machine. You have been warned!

The Bio below was written a while we must add that I WAS NOMINATED, and I RAN FOR, the NEW YORK STATE SUPREME COURT! The election was NOVEMBER 4, 2014 and I am so very deeply grateful for all of the love and support I received from my fans and the musical community! I received over 215,000 votes. IN FACT, THEY ANNOUNCED ME AS THE WINNER ION NOVEMBER 5TH! That afternoon they told me that there had been a mistake in the calculations. For me to get that many votes, LITERALLY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FOLKS HAD TO CROSS PARTY LINES TO VOTE FOR ME! I am very proud of that particularly, in these ridiculously partisan times!

The Marine in me tells me that I have lost the battle but not the war!

I AM RUNNING AGAIN THIS YEAR AND ELECTION DAY IS NOVEMBER 3RD, 2015. I need your support now more than ever!

Go to
to find out how you can help!

Not bad for a folk singer!

Love you guys!

Montgomery Delaney

What a thrill and an honor to be asked to run for the NYS Supreme Court! How many songwriters get to do that?!!! We lost a close race but we did the very best we could and I am very proud of our efforts. Time to get back to helping folks and singing some songs!